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tv   Starting Point  CNN  March 21, 2012 4:00am-4:03am PDT

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and in the real, our get real segment this morning, the right to bear arms, as in sleeveless vest. we're back to the sweater vest. the santorum campaign is cashing in, no joke, on rick santorum's sweater vest. we'll tell you -- >> sweater that keeps on giving. >> and it's a fashion forward statement as well. it is wednesday, march 21st, and "starting point" begins right now. ♪ can i have you to myself, i do want you around ♪ ♪ those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd ♪ >> that's right, off of hogan gidley's playlist, the jackson 5 "i want you back." great song to wake up to. hogan gidley is rick santorum's campaign manager. we get to our panelist, john fugelsang joins us, comedian and personality, ron brownstein,
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senior cnn political analyst, and editorial director for "the national journal" and will cain is a cnn contributor and contributor for breaking news story in france, 300 police officers are surrounding the home of a suspect who is wanted in the shooting of that jewish school that happened on monday, killed a rabbi, two young sons and a young girl that was killed in the shooting. france says two officers were wounded in a shoot-out overnight and roeuters is reporting sayin he wanted revenge for the killing of palestinian children. in toulouse diana magnay, we heard about this time they were expecting the suspect inside the house would be coming out, turning himself over to police. where does that stand? >> reporter: absolutely. that's what the suspect said that he would do. he's been talking to police.
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they said he was extremely determined, extremely stubborn not exactly a negotiating position really but apparently he said he would come out at midday. it's midday now and we haven't heard anything. there are around 50 police surrounding the house, 300 police all in all, taking part in this huge operation, the culmination of a manhunt, which has been ongoing really since that first killing ten days ago. now, this man is 24-year-old, hold up in a building up the road, told authorities is he responsible for the killings of three soldiers last week and for the killings of these jewish children on monday in revenge for the death of palestinian children, he said. he has apparently spent significant time in pakistan and afghanistan and says he's linked to al qaeda and right now, soledad, apparently the police are able to track his every
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movement in that house, using infrared sensoring devices. soled soledad? >> diana, we'll stay with the story and stay with you as we wait for something to happen in this case as 300 police officers are now standing by to try to see if they can get that suspect out of that home. diana, thank you. let's turn to politics now, where the number one


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